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Have you spent a lot of time, money and energy setting up your Facebook Ads… and you don’t seem to get any good results? Did you launch Facebook Ad campaigns and nothing converts? Or did you launch a campaign and spend a whole lot of money with 0 ROI?

Let us help…

Whether you are a business owner who wants to get better results with your Facebook Ads or a marketer who wants to start their own agency, Social Advertising For Entrepreneurs will help get your Facebook advertising knowledge and Facebook ad campaigns to the next level.

7 Modules with 65+ Video Lessons covering how to setup your campaign from A-Z. You will learn how to think strategically, craft an offer, setup your funnel and launch effective Facebook Ads that drive ROI for your business. ($1,997 Value)

What’s Included In The Training?

Module 1: Overview of Digital Marketing And Importance of Facebook Ads

Module 2: Lead Magnets
-Learn what a lead magnet really is and how it can impact your business for the better.
-How to select the right lead magnet’s (your offer) for your business and learn how to market them.

Module 3: Traffic Funnels
-Learn what a sales funnel is and how it can transform your business marketing.
-Enjoy 6 free funnel templates that you can use for your business right away.

Module 4: Email Automation
-Learn how to write persuasive emails and set up a series of automated emails after you generate a lead for your business. (Applies to leads and sales)

Module 5: Introduction To Facebook Advertising
-Learn the basics of the Facebook ad platform.
-How to identify audiences that fit your ideal customer’s demographic.
-How to set up your Facebook business manager / ad account.
-Learn A-Z how to build a Facebook Ad and fully use the Facebook ad platform.
-How to use Facebook Ad targeting to reach your exact target customer demographic.
-How to write Facebook Ad copy and design ad images that convert.

Module 6: Advanced Facebook Advertising
-How to setup and use the Facebook pixel to track conversions correctly.
-How to use the Facebook pixel to better analyze your ad campaign results.
-How to setup custom audiences and use retargeting to capture 5X leads and sales.
-How to setup lookalike audiences and reach more customers.
-How to use Facebook power editor for building advertising campaigns.
-How to analyze your Facebook ad results.

Module 7: Agency (Included For Any Marketers)
-How to build your brand and setup your marketing business.
-How to price your services and choose the right clients to work with.
-How to get clients. (3 Incredible Methods Revealed)
-Get expert level sales training from experienced digital marketers who have created a 7 figure marketing agency.
-How to accept payments from your clients.
-How to manage multiple clients easily while getting them incredible results.

BONUS: Advanced Facebook Pixel Training
-How to mature your Facebook pixel and capture leads for under $1.00
-Learn expert level, results driven retargeting strategies that are used by Social Vantage every day.

Access to the Private Student Group so you can ask questions and strategize campaigns with other entrepreneurs in the course. ($997 Value)

BONUS: eCommerce Strategy so you can have successful campaigns for your eCommerce business. ($1,997 Value)

BONUS: Instagram Advertising Training so you can leverage Instagram ads to get better results for your clients or your business. ($1,997 Value)

Total Self Study Value: $6,988

TODAY Only $498!

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We are Grant Cooper and Matt Pattoli, the owners of Social Vantage, a top social media agency developing and implementing digital marketing strategy to help businesses get more leads and sales.

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“Our fourth month in business we did $70,000 in sales, in one month, not total sales. The 4th month for our brand new business!”

-Chris Kunkel, Owner of Yarn Outlet