Company In Spotlight: The Station At Maplewood


About The Station at Maplewood The Station at Maplewood is a beautiful apartment complex located in Maplewood, New Jersey. The apartment complex is located feet away from the train platform, so traveling is extremely convenient. With this community, you can enjoy all of the amenities of a luxury lifestyle. Elegantly appointed common areas and on-site fitness center. An abundance of local shopping and other conveniences.


The main challenge for The Station at Maplewood was increasing their social media presence, as well as capturing new potential leads from different online marketing channels. Before The Station at Maplewood joined Social Vantage, the apartment community struggled to gain exposure and traffic to their website. Our team knew that it could be a difficult task since there are many other apartment communities around the same area. However, we knew that with our real estate experience on social media and the effective strategies we use, we would have no trouble marketing this brand successfully.

The Station at Maplewood Facebook Page

The Station at Maplewood Facebook Page

The Station at Maplewood Website

The Station at Maplewood Website

One Month: 16 Leads Opted In To “Schedule A Tour” Of The Maplewood Apartments.


The strategy used for The Station at Maplewood is very similar to the strategy we use for all of our real estate clients. The strategy consists of a few different areas of focus: content, advertising and social channel growth. Working very closely with our client, our team did major demographic research to pin point exactly what the demographics looked like for an individual who would want to reside in The Station at Maplewood apartment community.

Once that research was complete, we began to initiate the very first round of content to be posted for the social channels, as well as the “Page Like” advertising campaigns. While all of that was being prepared, our advertising and design team was working on the next stage of the strategy, the Facebook newsfeed advertising campaigns. These newsfeed campaigns were going to drive people to our custom built “landing page” where they would enter their information to “schedule a tour” of the apartment community.

Content Creation

Effective Implementation of Facebook Strategy For Mobile & Desktop Ads.

Facebook Advertising


The Station at Maplewood Facebook Desktop Ads

Facebook Ad Targeting

With the targeting options on Facebook being more advanced than any other platform on the web, we were able to laser in on the demographic we wanted to target for our client. We were able to target these individuals by location, age, gender, annual income, net worth, relationship status and even if they were LIKELY TO MOVE.

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Lead Capture Funnel

Step 1:
Targeted Facebook Advertisement
Step 2:
Traffic Sent To Landing Page

The Station at Maplewood Landing Page
This is the destination of the traffic that “clicks” on the Facebook newsfeed advertisement in step.

Step 3:

Leads Funnel In

The Gmail Receiving The Station at Maplewood Leads.
Leads funnel into whatever email we would like and we are presented with the name, email and phone of someone who would like to “schedule a tour!

Lead Details Are Provided To Our Client:

The Lead Details
The lead details contain the name, phone and email of the individual who wants a tour of the property.


After only one month, the results for The Station at Maplewood were amazing. Their Facebook growth has been tremendous, starting at 60 likes and growing to 550+ likes is more than a 800% increase in targeted Facebook likes. Since working with our lead generation method, The Station at Maplewood has received 16+ qualified leads from Facebook. All of their leads are individuals who are looking to “Schedule a tour” and view the apartment community.

We are extremely excited to continue working with The Station at Maplewood. With this amount of success within the first month, we are able to laser in on the market that is working best for our client and continue to bring them daily success. With the content, advertising and lead generation methods now working congruently, we are excited to continue working with this client to see how well our strategies can benefit their company.

One Month: 16+ Qualified Leads, 815% Increase In Targeted Facebook Likes.

The Station At Maplewood Facebook Likes: (December 11, 2014 – January 11, 2015)


The Station At Maplewood One Month Lead List:


Facebook Web-Click Campaign Results


Facebook “Like” Re-Targeting Campaign: This Advertisement Was Shown To The People Who Visited The Station At Maplewood’s Website.