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Lead Generation Advertising
Is your business looking to generate leads using
Facebook or Instagram paid advertising?
Frequently Asked Questions
Who will be running my advertising campaign?
You will be assigned a designated account manager who is an expert in paid advertising traffic on Facebook and Instagram. This account manager is also an expert in strategy and digital marketing. This person will be your main point of contact for everything related to your account.
How long does it take to get everything running?
From the day you sign-up to the day we launch ads typically takes about 5-7 business days! In those 5 to 7 business days we are doing research, building out your ad graphics, writing the ad text, building out the landing page (Web-page) and getting everything prepped for launch!
What kind of results should I expect?
Results obviously  vary for each individual business, however, after we analyze your business, the offer and develop the strategy, your designated account manager will give you estimations on what you can expect in leads, sales, traffic and more!
Do I have to sign a contract?
We believe in earning your business, so there’s no contract involved. You can cancel at anytime but a 1 month cancellation notice is required. But we are confident you’ll love our service and want to stick around for a long, long time!
Do I need to provide you with images, videos and other stuff for my ads?
No, you do not have to provide us with any content for your ads! However, if you have content, we are happy to use it!

The team at Social Vantage can develop unique content that fits your brand. We have access to stock photography and design software that we will use to create amazing ads for your business.
Are there any setup fees?
Zero setup fees.
How will you learn my business?
Once we receive your order, your designated account manager will review your questionnaire and then schedule the introduction call with you. On the introduction call, they will discuss your business in more detail as well as the advertising campaign strategy and plan of action.

After you launch the ad campaign do you monitor and manage it?
Yes absolutely! Once we launch the ad campaign we are constantly monitoring it on a daily basis. As results come in, your designated account manager is "Optimizing," (making positive changes) to your advertising campaigns to keep them running great! In addition to that, they are constantly A/B split testing different ads to try and get you better results!
How much money should I have for my advertising budget / spend? 
This depends on your business and what you are looking to achieve, but we typically recommend an advertising spend of $500 - $1,000 for a campaign. 
Wait... I still have questions!
We can help! Please send us an email to
FULL Campaign Walk-Through
View REAL Client Results Below In Our "Over-The-Shoulder" Videos!
Orangetheory Fitness
  •  287 High Quality Leads In 30 Days
  •  $6.00 Cost Per Lead
  •  $2,686.00 In Recurring Revenue In 1st Month
Pro Construction Guide
  •  11,803 New Email Subscribers In 30 Days
  •  $0.25 Average Cost Per Email Subscriber
  •  200%+ Increase In Website Traffic
  •  339 High Quality Leads In 90 Days
  •  50+ New Membership Sales
  •  121% Increase In Online Engagement
The Hay Manager
  •  147 Leads For A $1,000 High-Ticket Product
  •  $3.00 Average Cost Per Lead
  •  200% Increase In Website Traffic
Marla's Fashions
  •  193% Increase In Website Traffic
  •  10,000+ New Facebook Followers
  •  Average Cost Per New Follower: $0.07
Pure Barre
  •  43 High Quality Leads In 6 DAYS
  •  $2.84 Cost Per Lead
  •  143% Increase In Instagram Traffic
Orangetheory Fitness - Edina
  •  36 Instagram Story Leads With $216.99 Spent
  •  $6.03 Average Cost Per Lead
  •  New Memberships Created From $216.99 Spent
  •  279 High Quality Leads
  •  $8.74 Cost Per Lead
  •  271% Increase In Instagram Traffic
More Client Testimonials
"Our Facebook Page has grown by over 150,000 people since we've been working with Social Vantage" 

Adam Pick
"Our fourth month in with Social Vantage we did $70,000 in sales in 1 month." 

Chris Kunkle
Yarn Outlet
"Social Vantage handled the content creation and posting across four of our company's social properties for ~10 months. Over that time, we saw strong growth (3-7% monthly growth rate off a starting base of 20K) in followers in Instagram (one of our key objectives). The Social Vantage team was responsive, easy to work with, and provided great value. "

John Hsu
"I came across Social Vantage on Google and decided to give them a shot. Well, I couldn't be happier that I picked them vs the other social media management companies! They have generated incredible results for my small business and I now have a prominent social media presence. They helped design an incredible campaign that generated a TON of traffic on both Facebook and Instagram. They take time to understand your business and put themselves in your shoes to help design the best approach for generating results. I will continue to use Social Vantage for my business ."

Chris Davis
Richboro & Northeast Express Car 
Wash Center

"In 7 days Social Vantage generated me 60 leads and we signed up 17 new clients for $300 per client and made $5,100 in revenue"

Randy Khatami
Bas Rutten's Elite MMA
"In 10 days Social Vantage brought us 151 leads, we enrolled 18 people for $4,100 in revenue."

Chris Thorndike
Liv Athletic
"Amazing company and even better results!! We have used Social Vantage to help scale our mailing list. They have been exceptionally helpful in designing an effective, timely, and cost-effective approach for immediate results. Not only did we get the results we aspired for, Grant and Matt have answered every one of our calls, helping us along the way. You guys rock!!!"

Dave Bowman
VNT Property Management
"I had great experience working with Social Vantage. Always very professional and available to answer any questions I had. Would highly recommend ."

Michael Cohen
Crunch Fitness
"Great Company. Very professional. Also have a very high work ethic, always available to make changes, develop new strategies, or answer questions. "

Vince Vitacolonna
National Public Adjusters
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