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Target New Customers By Age, Location, Interest, Gender And Even Purchasing Behavior!


$399.99 Monthly
  • Advertising Specialist
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Monthly Analytic Report
  • Multi-Ad Split Testing
  • Custom Audience Targeting
  • Instagram Advertising

Social Advertising Benefits

Social media advertising gives your business the ability to reach new followers, fans or potential customers through social media advertisements displayed directly to your ideal customer. Whether your advertisement is mobile or in the newsfeed on Facebook, your advertisement will only cost you on a performance basis. Here at Social Vantage, our advertising specialists are dedicated to get the lowest cost per click, lowest cost per like, lowest cost per follow for every client.


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With each social advertising plan, you receive a specific amount of campaigns per month. We will setup, optimize, edit and fully manage every campaign for you.

When creating and setting up campaigns and advertisements, all clients have the option to request specific locations depending on your plan. These locations can be as targeted as specific zip codes or as broad as multiple countries.

With the Basic and Plus plans, clients will receive an analytic report bi-weekly. With the Advanced plan, clients will receive an analytic report every week. The advertising analytic reports will show all values and aspects of the active campaigns.

With interest targeting, we can target users b2b or b2c based strictly on targeted interests. This feature allows us to target people who have expressed an interest in or like pages related to particular people or brands. While this does include people who like these pages, it also includes users interacting with them.

With demographic targeting we can target people based precisely on specific demographics including: relationship, education, work, financial, home, market segments, parents, political views and life events.

With Behavior Targeting, we can target users based on online behavior. These online behaviors include: charitable donations, digital activities, financial, mobile device user, purchase behavior, residential profiles and travel.

Multi-Ad Split Testing is a process that involves our team building multiple ads in a campaign to test specific aspects of those ads and see which ad performs better. After enough split testing we can ultimately have an ad where each aspect of the ad has been tested such as: image, headline, title, description and layout, call to action button.

With custom audience targeting, we can upload specific audiences or lists into the ads manager and build advertisements to target the custom audience. With custom audience targeting we can also scrape users related to a specific target market and create a custom audience list for that niche.