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Expand Your Company’s Service With Social Media Management

By becoming a Social Vantage Certified Partner, you have the opportunity to offer full service social media management to your clients without taking on the responsibility of the service. This gives you the opportunity to offer social media management without having to hire in-house or open a new department in your company.

Why Work With Social Vantage?


Increased Service Offerings

You have the ability to add “social media management” to your service offerings.


Valuable Relationship

Create a long-lasting relationship with us and we will send business both ways.


Gain An Edge

Gain an edge on your competitors by offering social media management to your clients.

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Social Vantage Partner Programs

Social Vantage offers two different partner programs. You will qualify for one of the partner programs depending on your situation and what you are looking to provide.

Certified Partner Program

Social Vantage’s services are “white-labeled” meaning you are able to offer social media management services to your client and behind the scenes, Social Vantage is performing all of the work. This program requires a “middle-man” who works between our team and your client. With this program, our team is never directly in communication with your client.


Referral Partner Program

The Social Vantage referral partner program works on a referral / commission basis. Simply refer your clients over to Social Vantage and collect a 10% recurring payment every month for the lifetime of the client. You will receive monthly commission on the management fee of the plan they choose.